Exit not Exitus

The Red Project for Green Transformation in 16 Theses.

Fundamental ecological challenges demand transformations that reach to the very core of the system. Increasingly, this is becoming common knowledge and is beginning to permeate the political agenda. On a good day even staunch liberals and conservatives are surprisingly insightful. Often though, this is more a kind of accommodation to the trends of «green capitalism» and «green growth» than actual clarity of thought. Unlike figures in the CDU-FDP («Black-Yellow» ) Coalition whose ecological flanks are clearly exposed, Social Democrats and Greens embrace the green trend. They do not merely pay lip service to it, they actually make political proposals. They formulate the contours of a consensus for change that conforms to the system: technologies have to be more resource-efficient in order to enable new rounds of growth carried by green investment.

Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Policy Paper 3/2011

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